We manufacture and assemble a full range of custom magnetics and electronics, right here in the USA. And we can fill any size order, from one-off to high volume. Over the years, products come and go. But processes — the proven and dependable ways to build them — don’t. We’re skilled, creative, dependable, and easy to work with. And because we know cost is always a concern, we keep automation in mind and scale as much as possible to help keep you in business.

Our specialty is helping you with the tough projects. Like the low-volume, high-intensity ones that have to be perfect. We like the challenge, and have established DYCO as a reliable partner when the stakes are high and every detail counts.

We make transformers, power supplies, reactors, inductors, chokes, coils, and just about anything that involves copper foil, magnet wire, laminations, ferrites, torroids, or insulators.


  • Coil Winding
  • Toroid Winding
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Potting and Encapsulation
  • UL Listed Insulation Systems

Proven quality in every part.

DYCO has the flexibility to produce custom work as well as a wide array of stock components. Our engineering services bring an added benefit of expertise to any project. Consider a few industries where our products are currently in use:


Armed forces of nature.

We are proud of our long heritage as a military supplier, contributing to the Patriot Missile system, F-series fighter jets, and threat-detection devices. We were among the first to be ITAR-registered and consider it an honor to aid in our country’s defense.


Power to the product.

Our components play a critical role in all kinds of commercial products. From audio equipment and electronic testers to firemen safety devices and even the drill head used to stop the world’s worst oil spill, we’re not just open to a challenge… we thrive on it.


Reliability for the long haul.

Rail signals and switches around the world rely on our components, and after a tragic Metro crash, our reliable transformers were brought in to replace the incumbent and ensure ongoing safety.


Playing a vital role.

You’ll find DYCO parts in MRI machines from Siemens and GE, working hard to advance medical research, diagnosis and treatment.

High Voltage Power Supplies

DYCO Electronics is proud to offer a line of High Voltage Power Supplies for use with Static Neutralizing Equipment.

Model #Input VoltOutput Volt
4304115 VRMS4000 VRMS
4305230 VRMS4000 VRMS
4306115 VRMS5000 VRMS
4307230 VRMS5000 VRMS
4308115 VRMS6000 VRMS
4309230 VRMS6000 VRMS
4310115 VRMS7500 VRMS
4311230 VRMS7500 VRMS

What We Make

Watch the videos of our sample products below to understand the components we’ve made and the innovation we keep striving for.

Custom/Complex Components

Standard Components


Wound Coils

Toroid Windings




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